Do You Sit or Stand While the Sculpture Moves?

April 30, 2017

In Episode 2 (0:40) Wink makes his entrance and (2:00) we break down fantasy. We wipe away the important topics (13:45) like do you stand or sit when you wipe and (28:35) can sculptures move? (37:30) Day 2 of the draft was underway so we had to talk about the No Fun League along with (42:00) how well is the MLB marketing its players? Finally, (51:05) we all agree Canadians are kind of assholes.

PodBeer: Saint Arnold's "Summer Pils" & "Pub Crawl"

Guests: Eric Nielson


Whale to the D List & the Shameless Plug

April 24, 2017

It's our debut episode! This week Whale heads to the DL (00:40), we talk about the impending Chris Davis day (03:30) plus how baseball is changing with the ever encroaching three true outcomes (08:20).  We get to call out Reed & some really bad fantasy contracts (22:00) & check up on the league history & if Tony/Sal will hit 500 wins first (36:20).  Our takes get super hot on the newly released NFL schedule to round out the episode (47:10).