Wink is Extra Bitter About Mashed Potatoes

September 22, 2017

PodBeer: Fullers "ESB"


Sippin’ On Takes

September 16, 2017

Somehow, we start the episode talking about Tulane football. Fantasy baseball and football get mixed in as the playoffs heat up. Anything and everything is talked about in this packed hour long episode, so don't miss out!

PodBeer: Southern Prohibition's "Jack the Sipper"


We Talk About a Lot, Darlin’

September 8, 2017

It's our third Urban South Episode! We begin by discussing the NFL schedule change (01:45) and quick pivot back to fantasy baseball playoffs (04:45). Everyone's excited about college football (16:30) before skipping out on Wink's "Port Vale Minute" because of last week's international break (33:30). Close it out with some ramblings about our football live draft (46:00)!

PodBeer: Urban South's "Hello Darlin"


Cal Rides in the Sidecar

August 31, 2017

It's a two sport feature episode! We break down some important fantasy baseball matchups in the last week before having an MVP discussion (hint: Mike Trout). Wink's "Port Vale" minute extends with another loss before we move into Fantasy Football! Cal checks out in the second half of the episode, so you know it's going to be good.

PodBeer: "Sidecar" by Sierra Nevada


The Crew Creates a Commotion

August 23, 2017

Fantasy baseball, Wink's "Port Vale Minute" and more are discussed in this week's jam-packed pod!

PodBeer: Great Raft's "Commotion APA"


The Rascals Get Ridiculous

August 8, 2017

The pod returns for Episode 12! We go off topic a bit but return to harp on Cal's success in the Fantasy Baseball League before starting with a bit of football.  Wink's "Port Vale 2 Minutes" returns in the place of trivia and we go even more off topic with some rambling... Surprises throughout!

PodBeer: Avery Brewing's "White Rascal"


Trades and Tirades

July 23, 2017

The league had trades, trades, and more trades since we've been gone, so here are your three favorite podcasters to break them all down!

PodBeer: Urban South's "2nd Set Pilsner"


A Beer for Cats: An All-Star Special

July 6, 2017

Our 10th episode! We talk about our cat beer (00:30) and then discuss some silly people on Twitter (04:55). Wink's Trivia Corner makes an appearance (17:00) and we talk extensively about soccer jerseys (19:10). Finally, Wink and I give our opinions on the AL/NL All-Star rosters (33:00) for the big segment. No Whale!

PodBeer: Finch Beer Co's "TacocaT"

Guests: Tony Fortier-Bensen, Bailey Arnett, Jackie Giammatteo


We Struggle With Beers and Polls

June 29, 2017

In this week's episode, the beer doesn't give us as clean a slate as we'd hoped (00:20) and Cal rants about NBC's nonsense (05:45). We also talk about playoff spots in the fantasy league (22:15) and then Cal rants some more. To be honest, this episode is just a lot of Cal talking while Wink and Whale played on their phones. Enjoy!

PodBeer: Wayward Owl's "Clean Slate IPA"


Don’t Be a Ballhawk

June 21, 2017

In episode 8, we all hate our voices on the pod (01:30) and Tony forgets how to do math (04:30). Tony discusses his new job (13:30) and tries his hand at last week's trivia question (22:00). Wink's Trivia Corner returns (23:40) and we get into the main topic: Ballhawks and Zack Hample (29:45).


Guest: Tony Fortier-Bensen

PodBeer: Pilsner Urquell